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What are business credit lines?

Business Credit Lines are essentially flexible lines of credit that you only pay interest on the balance that you draw on while the reminaing amount you have been approved for is available for you to use whenever you need it.

How do they work?

Once you are approved for a business credit line then you can use any amount of the credit line yet only pay intrest on the amount you draw upon. For Example, if you were approved for $10,000 and you activated your line of credit but you only decide to draw upon $1000, then you would only pay interest on the $1000 you drew upon and the remaining portion of the $9000 would be available for you to draw on anytime.

How many types of business credit lines are there and which one is best for my qualifications?

There are many types of business credit lines. The most popular is the advance business LOC where you can get the line of credit over a 6-18 month period but can be approved and funded as quickly as 24 hours. There are also Bank Business LOCs that are very popular for those with great credit and who don't need the money in a hurry, where you can get a line of credit with interest rates as low as promotional Prime -1% for the first year. Another useful line of credit is called a factoring line of credit or receivable line of credit and this is typically collateralized against your receivables due to you over a 60 day period.

Which type of business credit line is best for my qualifications?

Few people are aware but there is also a few other business lines available such as Payables LOC which is a line of credit you are to fund invoices that you have to pay your vendors and then you do not have to pay the lender for up to 4 months from the date of your invoice. Bank Line of Credit may require a collateral of a property sometimes when asking above $100k. Lastsly there is SBA express line of credit that the bank will provide you if they can not or decide not to provide you the bank line of credit in house. The best product for your qualifications with primarily depend on your current credit score and history along with your currently monthly bank statement deposits and history. If you want a receivable line of credit or payable line of credit then your qualifications will depend on the quality of your receivables or payables as well.

How is it possible you can give me a business credit line and never put a hard inquiry on my credit report?

We utilize technology which allows us to look at your credit from a consumer standpoint and not pull a hard credit inquiry to view your credit. With this structure, us reviewing your credit does not affect your credit score. Then you can get approved and funded without having your credit score pulled. Welcome to 2018.

How much of a business credit line can I qualify for?

Bank Lines you can typically qualify for 10-20% of your gross revenue. Advance Lines you can qualify for 50-150% of your average monthly bank statement deposits. Receivables you can qualify for up to 85% of the amount of receivables owed to you within 60 days. These are average guidelines but each scenario can vary depending on multiple factors.

What are the interest rates?

Interest rates on bank lines can range from promotional rates starting at Prime - 1% and up. Advance Lines of credit typically range from 10-25% of the term with a term from 6-12 months or more. Receivable lines and Payable lines are typically from 1-3% per month.

How is it possible you can fund the business credit line that fast in 24 hours?

We utilize our lending facilities readily available to us to fund you quickly. Banks are subject to bank regulatory complaiance so they have more red tape and thus take longer and far more scrutinizing.